DF Studio has been updated with some significant enhancements over the last couple of months. Below are some of the the more notable changes:


  • A new List View option has been added, providing a more condensed view that is very useful for certain workflows. The new List View icon appears to the left of the default Thumbs View icon on the toolbar.
  • You can now View Selected Images. Just click on the number of selected images indicator in the upper right to get a view of just those images. Related, the “Find by Name” tool has been updated to show just the matching images rather than just selecting them.
  • The ability to View Related Messengers related to a project has been improved. They are no longer listed in the confined space of the inspector. Instead a button in the Inspector takes you to the list of Messengers in the Messengers tab.
  • You can now view Messenger Access History for all recipients on a Messenger at once — previously you had to view access history per recipient.
  • Browser Verification is a new security feature that keeps unauthorized users from logging into your account, even if they have your login and password. When using a browser that has not been previously verified for the account being logged into, the user is asked to enter a secret code that is emailed to the email address stored for that login. Once the code has been entered and the browser has been verified, future logins work exactly the same as they did before. The Browser Verification feature is enabled via an account setting (Settings -> Security Settings) so it may be disabled if desired. We highly recommend keeping it enabled. The Account Settings page has also been updated to show a list of verified browsers and allows removing them at any time.