With a focus on collaboration and efficiency, DF Studio’s latest release incorporates a host of new and refined features built to streamline every workflow. New features under the Notes tab include visual annotations for an enhanced level of clarity when discussing DF Studio assets, as well as unprecedented collaboration functionality when sharing assets in a DF Studio Messenger. A completely re-engineered uploading experience makes it easier than ever to get files into DF Studio, with several enhancements to enable quick, intuitive customization of the storage options for imported assets. This allows a single upload operation to generate multiple new Projects or Library folders, and provides for fine-grained selection of Setup options.

Enhancements were also made to several existing features, including Mobile Messengers, metadata editing, managing files and folders, and the API. All of these improvements, along with performance enhancements and thorough attention to squashing bugs large and small, represent a software update that the DF Studio team is excited and proud to share with its users.