The Center for Creative Photography (CCP) at the University of Arizona has announced that it will house the archive of works by David Hume Kennerly, widely celebrated photojournalist and Chief White House Photographer during President Gerald R. Ford’s administration. Consisting of almost 1 million photographs, prints, items of correspondence, and memorabilia, his vast collection spans over 50 years of US and world history. DigitalFusion has worked closely with Kennerly to remaster, print, and custom frame many of the works in his historic archive.

The university plans to use the archive as a resource for its students, scholars, and visitors; Robert C. Robbins, President of the University of Arizona, has announced that Kennerly is working with the CCP to “to create programming that will draw on his experience and expertise and will spark conversations throughout our campus and broader community.” This effort is part of a new curriculum that the university is introducing, which examines the role of photography in shaping how history is understood.

According a description from the University of Arizona’s website, the Center for Creative Photography “collects, protects and promotes the relevance and importance of photography, deepening an understanding of how the medium impacts society. Kennerly’s work joins the work of more than 2,200 photographers, including W. Eugene Smith, Lola Álvarez Bravo, Edward Weston and Garry Winogrand.”

To learn more, please read the University of Arizona’s full article about the acquisition.