In the Toblerone Chocolate ad, Moshe Brakha creates a fantasy world that begins with an idea. Moshe recalls – ” I wanted to create a world where a woman lives in a fantastic chocolate dreamland, where all the elements of the environment are actually pieces of the candybar”

20060822-01-2To accomplish this, he sat with Anna Bolek of DF Post, and fashioned a digital image made up of over 150 layers and elements with minute detail. “Moshe is really into the fine detail of his work – so it’s important to keep track of all the elements and layers so we have the ultimate flexibility as we’re working” says Anna Bolek. Bolek recalls individually painting honey on the strings of the lute in the backgound. “He wanted me to drip honey onto the strings, so I ended up drawing and color correcting these magical honey drops one at a time. It was a time consuming process, but in the end, it’s an amazing detail that adds to the surreal quality of the final image”

Ogilvy and Mather recently awarded this “Ad of the Month” for it’s excellence in design.


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