DigitalFusion’s process sets the standard for quality and price, and now offers museum quality scans to everyone.

  • All film and slide formats accepted up to 22″ x 22″
  • Prints and reflective originals material up to 60″ x 90″
  • Highest Quality & largest scan size available (up to 12K)
  • Conservation handling of your original film and prints
  • Private and secure

Digitize your Assets, Archive for the Future

Film and prints from photographic archives are becoming increasingly susceptible to fading and decay. Scanning services for these types of assets have historically been either low quality or prohibitively expensive. DigitalFusion is resetting the standard for quality and price, and now brings large volume high quality archive scanning within reach of collections worldwide. With over two decades of experience, you can trust that you’ll have the best scan quality.

Download File: DF Photo Price List

With a wide breadth of experience and having worked with collections worldwide, you can trust that you’ll have the best scan quality.

  • All DF scans start at 120 MB (up to 11.5K pixels long dimension)

  • Highest Image Quality Capture: DigitalFusion believes in capturing the highest possible image quality in terms of resolution, tonality, sharpness, and color. Our use of high resolution sensors and precision optics ensure that no detail gets missed and that your collections are archived to the highest level of quality for future use and preservation.

  • Raw Workflow Process: DigitalFusion’s RAW file capture process retains RAW data and all the relevant information necessary for processing and reprocessing. This ensures a future-proof workflow and a file that can be used time and time again as needed as software performance develops and improves.
  • Conservation Handling of Assets: Maintaining the safety of your materials is our top-most concern. Our technique appropriately handle objects with the care they deserve.
  • Cleaning and Re-packing Service: We offer individual frame cleaning to remove surface artifacts on the film for the best possible scan. We also offer a repacking service to re-house those assets that can be placed in acid free paper or archival containers for greater longevity.
  • High quality film scanning
  • Cost effective high volume scanning
  • Complete archive scanning solutions
Artists, Museums & Galleries
  • Fine art reproduction
  • Limited edition prints
  • Cost effective catalogs
  • On-site or in our studio
  • Digital capture for print production
  • Complete prepress services
  • Available worldwide
  • Archive quality digital captures
  • High quality print reproductions
  • Cost effective digital archiving solutions
DigitalFusion Captures History for Carl Jung’s RED BOOK

DigitalFusion Captures History for Carl Jung’s RED BOOK

DigitalFusion delivers world class fine art capture and prepress services to W.W. Norton & Company in the production of this legendary work, which many consider to be the most influential unpublished work in the history of psychology. The Project Nearly 100 years...

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