Custom Prints and Framing for Exhibitions, Portfolios and Decorative Gifts

DigitalFusion’s Custom Printing Services lead the industry in high quality digital print making. The DigitalFusion team works closely with you to select the appropriate type of printer, inks and papers to effectively realize the visual experience you envision. DigitalFusion Custom Printing Services include:

  • Large format printing up to 60″ by 120″
  • Giclée – inkjet, and photographic sublimation printing technologies
  • Wide variety of print media including traditional style photo paper, fine art paper, watercolor, canvas and more…
  • Professional framing and mounting

Calling on over forty years of darkroom and digital print making, DigitalFusion Custom Printing utilizes a combination of traditional and cutting edge approaches to deliver stunning results on a wide variety of media.


DigitalFusion is able to deliver custom prints that exceed photographic quality and archivalness. DigitalFusion’s research and experience in digital printing ensures the delivery of the highest quality professional prints every time.

The DigitalFusion print team has proudly been called upon by leading photographers to create everything from postcards and gift prints to limited edition fine art reproductions to wall-sized prints for museums.

Regardless of your need, the DigitalFusion printing department stands ready to build your next custom portfolio or deliver large-format prints for a museum or gallery show.