Sean McEnroe’s latest exhibit took place at the Mondrian in Los Angeles. The exhibit, sponsored by Sony and the CITTA charity organization, is artfully presented, capturing the beauty and strength of Nepal in stunning detail.

Sean McEnroe

Sean McEnroe

“This past summer I got the amazing opportunity of working with CITTA, a non-profit charity organization ‘focusing on methods that help build and support development in some of the most economically challenged, geographically remote or marginalized communities in the world.’ In June, we went to Nepal for a week. CITTA’s goal was to bring medical care and supplies to the earthquake-affected and most remote villages within Nepal. I was there to photograph the devastating aftermath of the two earthquakes that hit earlier this year.

CITTA is presently working on building health posts (small hospitals) in the areas of Nepal where people don’t have access to even the most basic medical treatment. Something as simple as a little boy breaking his arm can leave him permanently deformed and disabled. That’s why I believe so strongly in what this charity is trying to accomplish. The people of Nepal need as much help as they can get and I don’t think they’ve ever needed more help than they do now.”

— Sean McEnroe


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