dfstudio-avatarThe DF Studio team is pleased to announce the release of a new version, providing a number of enhancements and fixes. Below is a list of some of the highlights:


This update provides brings watermarking to DF Studio. The Logos and Watermarks page in your Account Settings allows you to store a custom JPEG or PNG image file for use as a watermark, along with settings for placement and opacity. The watermarking feature will initially be limited to Web Portfolios and the “Download Only” Messenger template, when using the “Custom” Image Quality setting.

This is just our first step with watermarking – look for watermarking features to be added to the rest of the Messenger templates in the future.


The “Approval Only” Messenger template has been improved with new, easier to see buttons. The larger “Yes” and “No” buttons should make the Approval process easier for first-time and long-time users alike.

The new “image commenting” feature added in April’s release was always enabled in the Standard and Approval Only Messenger templates. In response to feedback from users, we’ve allowed turning that feature on and off on a per-Messenger basis.


Several improvements have been made in the use of folders:

  • It’s now possible to make a new folder from within the folders view.
  • A folder inspector has been added, allowing renaming, moving or removing folder from the folders view.
  • A “Move to Folder” action has been added to the Project Inspector, making it easier to move projects from one folder to another.
  • It’s now possible to select which folder to save a new project to when using “New Project” button.
  • Removing a folder now also removes any folders within that folder (Previously could not remove a non-empty folder).

Our team loves your comments and feedback! So if you have any questions about DF Studio or thoughts on how we could make it work better for you, please contact our support team by using the Contact link in the upper right corner of the application or by sending email to support@dfstudio.com.