dfstudio-avatarThe DF Studio Team has finished up a another update to DF Studio. This latest update brings the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Ability to move images between setups: We’ve added a new tool in the Actions menu of the Proofsheet view “Move Images to Setup” that allows moving images to a new or existing setup.
  • Ability to select images by name: We’ve added a new tool in the Actions menu of the Proofsheet view “Select Images by Name” that provides an alternative way to select images using “name contains.” For advanced users, this tool also supports using regular expressions, providing a way to select ranges of images, etc.
  • More keyboard paging: Keyboard paging has been implemented in all list views so that the arrow keys can be used to navigate through pages like in the Proofsheet view.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the “download originals” list for a project or messenger to be extremely slow when the list contains a large number of images.
  • Fixed a problem where when using Firefox, the folder navigator dropdown in the Proofsheet view always went to the current folder instead of the selected folder.
  • Fixed a problem in the Proofsheet that caused the tool for applying select levels to selected images to only affect images on the current page (now works on all selected images, across multiple pages).
  • Fixed a problem where previewing a download-only messenger would in some cases cause an error.

Our team loves your comments and feedback! So if you have any questions about DF Studio or thoughts on how we could make it work better for you, please contact our support team by using the Contact link in the upper right corner of the application or by sending email to support@dfstudio.com.