dfstudio-avatarThe DF Studio team is pleased to announce the release of a new version, providing a number of enhancements and fixes. Below is a list of some of the highlights:

  • The new “Image Conversations” feature adds the ability for Studio users and Messenger recipients to add comments on individual images. Conversation participants receive a notification email linking directly back to the image allowing the recipient to add additional comments to the conversation.
  • The “New Edit” function as been updated to allow creating new Edits with just selected images, allowing the user to work with a subset of the images in a Project or Collection.
  • The Slideshow tool in the Studio Editor has been updated to use an HTML/JavaScript gallery engine instead of the former Flash version making it faster and usable in browsers without Flash and on iOS devices. Slideshow images should also have fewer scaling artifacts, appearing smoother and less-pixelated in most browsers.
  • A non-Flash (HTML/JavaScript) template option has been added to the Web Portfolios. This template is automatically used for clients without Flash such as iOS devices.
  • The Web Portfolio export tool now allows entering custom dimensions when exporting images. The dimensions info and other settings such as the ftp server information are now saved on a per-portfolio basis.
  • The Settings page has been reorganized. Smaller, logically-grouped sections make settings easier to find.
  • A Billing and Usage section has been added to the Settings page. This new page shows information about the amount of storage being used, broken down by Studio previews (jpegs shown in the browser such as thumbnails and previews), and Online and Offline Archives (originals).
  • The appearance of the landing page (Dashboard) is now customizable by selecting one of 3 layout choices from the “View Settings” section of Settings.
  • The download process for downloading multiple images as a ZIP file has been updated. The progress bar step while the ZIP file is building has been removed — the file now begins to download immediately.

Our team loves your comments and feedback! So if you have any questions about DF Studio or thoughts on how we could make it work better for you, please contact our support team by using the Contact link in the upper right corner of the application or by sending email to support@dfstudio.com.