Looking Glass: “Everyone knows a painter, for example, starts with a blank canvas and piles of pigment and that whether they makes landscape, portrait, or abstract images based in whole, in part, or not at all on external phenomenon, that the thing they make is wholly created from “nothing” or, put another way “imagination” whereas photography by definition involves interacting with the external world not entirely of your making…

For LOOKING GLASS I’ve assembled a dozen photographers whose work is in various ways made in a collaboration between the imagination and the world — to explore ways that the camera is an expressive, fantastical, imaginative and pliable medium as well as form of document that contains evidence of external reality.”

– Shana Nys Dambrot, Guest Curator ( http://sndx.net/ )

EVFA & DigitalFusion Presents Analog Salon

“ Looking Glass”

Opens Friday April 20th 2012, 6pm -9 pm with a reception for the artists. It is open to the public.

Sponsored by PAMA Liqueurs an Frey Organic Wines.

The exhibition will be open from April 20th, through June 1st at The Analog Salon at Samitaur Constructs, 3535 Hayden Avenue, Culver City, California. Gallery hours are 9am through 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Participating artists:

Viggo Mortensen | Gary Baseman | Lawren Alice | Sam Comen | Marjan Vayghan | Jody Zellen | Mark Schumacher & Scott Elgart | Sara Jane Boyers | Emily Bradley | Johnny White | Jennifer Vanderpool | Suzanne Adelman

About AnalogSalon
The Analog Salon is a fine art photographic exhibition space housed at Samitaur Constructs, the noted architectural firm, in partnership with Digital Fusion, a premiere digital photographic rental and post-production facility and produced by Edgar Varela (EVFA). Located in Culver City, California, The Analog Salon highlights the exceptional talent of new, emerging and established photographers with an emphasis on Los Angeles based artists. Supporting the arts by providing not only a space but a full production and marketing effort to showcase talent and support artist projects, The Analog Salon will contribute to the art dialogue integrating its associated artists and partners as an important part of the cultural life of Los Angeles.

The Analog Salon at Samitaur Constructs, 3535 Hayden Avenue, Culver City, California

Images from Analog Salon Exhibitions are available for sale online at: