Opening September 24th and running through the 25th of October, Sara Jane Boyers “Detroit: Definition – A Work In Progress” showcases a city once in decline through a transition into a what could be considered a new beginning.

When Sara Jane Boyers began this work in January 2011 Detroit, after sixty years of decline, was at the lowest point of its existence. Through this project, the artist first draws a portrait of a city devastated by post-industrial problems. But the more it progresses, the more it perceives the rebirth of this city.

“The images Sara captured are amazing.  We printed them on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 g, on Epson’s newest and sharpest printer The SureColor P-Series that we are lucky enough to beta test.  The colors and blacks of the new longevity inkset are amazing combined with her artistic touch.  So much so, that I actually have one of the prints now hanging in my own home” said artist Mark Schilder who is DigitalFusion’s print specialist.

Sara Boyers says, “I came at the right time in Detroit. For me. “Detroit-Definition” remains the right title for my project. “Definition” is a flexible term, implying a piece of history, a cultural share and a share of personal interpretation. Detroit change even when I write this, yet this is where I am now with this photographic project and a book in progress: Detroit explore to determine its history and learn from the past to look to the future.”

Today, after seven visits and almost five years later, the same spectrum of bankruptcy threatening always, I return in Detroit that expresses the ingenuity, perseverance and strength of the human spirit. There are still of course problems, but despite all the progress, albeit slow, are clearly visible.

Detroit became the emblem of the twentieth century America, symbol of climbs and falls of our industrial empire and our ongoing struggle for relations between multiple origins and cultural well-being. It is a story of determination, real need to move to jettison ignorance of past historical and economic understanding.

Maybe these inter-connected stories will generate a narrative that bright that we all understand, because of what we live today, hope for tomorrow. ” – Sara Jane Boyers

Images in Exhibition: