Julia Roberts, Rosie O’Donnell and Anderson Cooper hosted a one night only exhibit, “UNTOUCHED,” a Celebration of Dan Eldon’s Life and Legacy, at Xchange in New York City on October 20th 2006.

Curator Lisa Candela put together a collection of 30 prints, produced by DF Post to be sold at the special gallery showing.

Captures were taken from 3 of Eldon’s journals to be included in the show. DF Post scanned his journal pages with a large format digital scanner and printed them 3 times larger than the originals, creating dramatic display pieces for the show. DigitalFusion also designed and created a small book to catalogue the collection.

Eldon’s work has been a tool for global awareness of the everyday lives in other countries, encouraging people to look past their own problems and think on a larger scale. Eldon was killed at age 22 by an angry mob who were responding to an errant UN bombing that took the lives of 73 Somalian civilians.

Also on display is a collection of some of his photographs documenting life in South Africa.

For more information about the life and work of Dan Eldon, please visit www.daneldon.org