The Future of Pro Digital Photography

20050605-01Film is portable, durable, versatile. But its arcane chemistry is going out of style. Magazines, ad agencies and newspapers want their photographers to go digital — it’s cleaner, faster, cheaper. Digitizing a photographer, however, is no easy task. The pros have tinkered with film for ages and they know how to get a great shot. They know how a perfect print is coaxed from a piece of photo paper. Digital is different. There are no chemicals, darkrooms or negatives. Contact sheets are composed on computers, not cut and pasted on paper.

Offering a new concept in pro photography, the Los Angeles-based DigitalFusion leads professional film photographers into the realm of digital photography and postproduction. “We could see that our clients were going to need digital experts,” says the company’s co-founder Jon Moeller. “We had to ask ourselves, ‘How do we make sure a shooter can go in, design and execute his vision and still not change what he’s done in his career for 20 years?’ We decided to get out in front of the technology, test everything and show them the path.”

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