From the LA Autry Blog:

The Legacy of the Artist

The Autry National Center received the life’s work of photographer Theo Westenberger after her death in 2008. With the gift the Autry accepted responsibility for the organization and permanent safekeeping of the materials. As the sole repository of her work, the Autry is committed to making Westenberger’s work accessible to researchers and licensing the work for use in suitable editorial and commercial projects, such as the image below:

Pelican 3 and 4 (diptych), undated, Florida. Theo Westenberger Archives, Autry National Center; MSA.25.57.2A

Most importantly, the Autry National Center accepted responsibility for the legacy of the photographer as an artist. Whenever the work is reproduced, we are responsible for ensuring the work accurately represents the aesthetic and artistic intention of the artist. And unless an archivist has worked closely with a photographer, dancer, or musician prior to their passing, it is left to the archivist to analyze, reconstruct, and re-create the work that most closely represents their aesthetic.


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