dfstudio-avatarThe DF Studio team is thrilled to have you try out the new features released on May 2, 2010. This updates adds a completely new “Recent Activity” area to the Navigator, a handy “GO” box in the thumbnail view and a WYSIWIG editor to the outgoing Messengers.

  • Navigate Back to Your Recent Activity – We’ve done a major update to the Navigator (that area on the left). The Navigator now lists the items you last visited in DF Studio (in a new area called “Recently Viewed”). This list gives you a quick link right back to those items. Each item is also “badged” with an icon to show you what it is (Project, Collection, Messenger, Web Portfolio). On your next login, we encourage you to try out the new Navigator and speed up your workflow.
  • “GO” Right to the Page You Want – We added a small “Go” box in the thumbnail view (across the top, to the right of the list of page numbers). Type in a page number and DF Studio will jump to that page – it is as simple as that. We expect your clicking finger will thank us as you won’t need to click “Next” a ton of times when you actually know about what page you want to get to.
  • Better Looking Messenger Emails – We’ve added formatting (bold, italic, lists, bullets and more…) to the emails that you send out from a Messenger. When creating the Messenger you’ll see a new window with tools across the top. We also improved the email your recipient gets by moving your message to the top, so they see it first.
  • Important Change to Standard Messenger – As a result of DF Studio user input, we have changed the “Standard” Messenger template to now includes access to the Large JPGs. Previously, to provide your recipients access to the Large JPGs you needed to use the Custom selection. If you do not want to provide Large JPG access you can still do so with the Custom Messenger.
  • Stronger, Faster, Better – In addition to the new features that are easy to see, our DF Studio engineers have been hard at work with a number of changes “under the hood” that improve and speed up how DF Studio displays images throughout the system, especially when working with very large shoots. And finally, we have fixed a number of other items that you have kindly let us about.

Did You Know? – Our Digital Services team can help you organize your historical archive (digital and film) and get some or all of it loaded into DF Studio? For more information contact the DF Studio support team via email to support@dfstudio.com.

If you have any questions using these exciting updates to DF Studio please contact our support team by using the Contact link in the upper right corner of the application or by sending email to support@dfstudio.com.