During last weekend’s downtime (Jan 21-22) the DF Studio team was busy at work moving the main DF Studio web application to a new hosting environment. The new digs will allow DF Studio to continue to grow to meet demand, and provide the DF Studio engineers with a number of new bells and whistles. As a bonus, our studio.dfstudio.com users are gaining a few new enhancements and features…

  • Faster Uploads — One of the most notable changes that many users should notice right away is improved turnaround time on uploaded images. This is due in part to new hardware, but is largely thanks to DF Studio’s new image processing architecture. This allows parallelizing the processing of uploads and the dynamic adding of more processing power as needed. In short, this means no more long waits for your photos.
  • New “Multi” view. The new “multi” view allows you to see larger thumbnails at a size between the thumbnails size and the 1-up size. The new view defaults to displaying 12 images at a time but can be set to display up to 50 images at once. (Settings -> Viewing Preferences)
  • Thumbnails-per-page setting. The thumbnails view used to be fixed at 45 images per page. You can now choose to display up to 500 thumbnails per page. (Settings -> Viewing Preferences)
  • “Kills Cap” on Approval Messengers. The Approval Messenger template now adds the ability to set a maximum percentage of kills allowed by the Messenger recipient. Once the maximum percentage has been reached, the recipient is given a warning letting them know they must re-approve other images before they can make additional kills.
  • Sort contacts by email. The “mini” contacts viewer used in places like the Messenger Wizard now allows sorting contacts by last name or by email. This is particularly helpful for people who don’t have names in their DF Studio Address Book.

Lastly, a word on URLs… You may have noticed that we’ve been quietly migrating  to a new login URL at web.dfstudio.com. The new URL was launched back in October for new customers while we spent a few months migrating the several terabytes of existing data for existing customers. Now web.dfstudio.com will be the official login address, but if you’ve bookmarked studio.dfstudio.com, it will continue to work for the foreseeable future, as it points to the same place.