The DF Studio team is excited to announce some enhancements added in the most-recent update:


  • Larger preview size. The size of the preview (1-up) view has been increased by over 50% from a maximum dimension of 625px to 980px. Even better, this new size has been better optimized so that it loads even faster than the previous/smaller size and uses less storage.
  • New “Remove Originals” action. This new action allowing removing originals in a batch operation, working on selected images or other filter criteria.
  • Display originals for selected images. The “Download Originals” function has been updated and now observes selected or filtered images, rather than always listing all images in the project.
  • New Upload Status page. A new “Upload Status” link has been added in the lower right part of the window. The new Upload Status page shows the progress of of all images uploaded to your account.
  • Account Upgrades. Basic, Standard and Professional accounts can now upgrade their account type from within the DF Studio. Additionally, Studio accounts can now purchase additional users beyond the included 5 users.