dfstudio-avatarThe DF Studio team updated DF Studio on September 1, 2009. This update includes new features that connect a Messenger response with the project it was sent from, improve the editing interface and enable Web Portfolios to be exported to 3rd party servers. The update also improves the handling of special characters in image names and the thumbnail layout.

  • Messenger Edits – When a Messenger recipient responds to your Messenger with an edit, these edits are now directly viewable in the Project from the Edit pull-down list. This feature enables you to now use the Messenger edits with the Combine Edits feature. Each Messenger also directly links back to the Project that the images came from for easy navigation. Please note, the connection between Messenger Edits and Projects is only supported for Messengers where all images were sent from a single Project.
  • Editing Interface – The interface for viewing and making edit selections has been updated to match the design of the DF Studio Messenger. This design shows all of the selections available and no longer requires rolling over the thin line to reveal the editing selections.
  • Portfolio Export – You can now export a portfolio to a third party server via sftp (a widely used secure transfer method). This enables DF Studio users to push images to existing or newly created Web sites while managing the images from their DF Studio account. For more information about developing a Web site using this technology please contact the DF Studio support team.
  • Image Names – Improvements to the handling of special characters in image names. In some cases, the special characters would prevent the viewing of the images.
  • Thumbnail Layout – Improvements to the display of the thumbnail row across the bottom of Messengers. In some situations and on certain browsers, the thumbnail row would not display all the images that could fit into the available space.

If you have any questions using the excitng updates to DF Studio please contact our support team by using the Contact link in the upper right corner of the application or by sending email to support@digitalfusion.net.