DF Studio has raised the bar yet again by allowing the delivery of multiple projects at once through a single Messenger. The new Multi-Messenger has been designed in response to our enterprise customers’ increasing need to send large volumes of data to their vendors and counterparts. This new feature provides a robust, yet simple, method for sharing thousands of assets at once through a single link.

Additionally, our June release brings significant improvements to user role management for business and enterprise customers by providing fine-grained controls over user’s actions.




The Multi-Messenger, available to enterprise clients only, allows users to queue multiple projects and send them all in one convenient Messenger link. For instance, a television network may need to provide the entire coverage of a show season to the producing studio or a design agency. With the Multi-Messenger, the resulting Messenger opens one link with a table of contents containing links to each of the projects or collections. The viewer can navigate from one project to the next in one browser window. And, a Multi-Messenger can be imported through the single link, importing all assets at once and keeping all project and setup organization intact.