dfstudio-avatarNEW Messenger Templates for Our Leading Online System — The DF Studio team proudly announces the release of our newest version of DF Studio. On Sunday May 17, 2009, DF Studio was updated to include a completely NEW set of Messenger templates along with the following other new features and a number of minor fixes.

  • New Messenger Templates – The Messenger templates viewed by Messenger recipients have been completely updated. Users can select from the new templates when creating a Messenger in Step 3 of the Messenger wizard. Samples of the new templates are shown during this Step as well.
  • Larger Slideshow Images – The Slideshow tool available throughout DF Studio now uses larger images designed to fill most users’ screens when they are available.
  • New Help and Forum – DF Studio has added a new Help system and a User Forum. These can be accessed by clicking on the Help item in the upper right of the DF Studio application.
  • Saved Login Page – The login page now has a Remember Me check box so that you can save the username and account portion of your login to save you time in the future.
  • Expanded Metadata Support – The image handling systems have been updated to capture and display more EXIF and IPTC data. This information is read directly from the image when it is loaded into the system and a link to view all image metadata is now available in the Inspector area.
  • Support for Flash 10 – The in-browser upload process did not support Flash 10. This has been updated to now support Flash 10.
  • Number of Image Pages – In some cases, the number of pages of images was not displayed. This has been fixed.
  • Vertical Scrolling – In some views on some browsers, the vertical scrolling area was not displayed when it should have been. This has been fixed.

If you have any questions using the new version of DF Studio please contact our support team by using the Help link in the upper right corner of the application or by sending email to support@digitalfusion.net.