Complex Magazine’s December issue features Eminem on the cover with photographs by Matt Doyle. The cover and interior images were enhanced by DigitalFusion CGI to create a dreary, time passed over landscape. The original plates were shot in Detroit, and the natural elements of decay served as a starting point for the CGI work.

According to Tim Leong, Design Director at Complex, “The original concept for the story was to shoot Eminem in Detroit, [in a way] that would really exemplify the city as a character.”

To enhance this character, DigitalFusion CGI created landscapes, set dressings, and props and then blended them seamlessly with the original photographic plates including matching the location and time of day the plate was shot, for full lighting integration. DigitalFusion also produced a CGI version of the Complex logo for the first time in the history of the magazine. This element further contributed to overall theme of decay as a 3D neon marquee that was weathered and aged.

“The challenge here was to design and build elements that matched the original photography, and could be incorporated into the images to create a reality that only exists through the use of CGI,” notes Hugh Milstein of DigtalFusion.

Tim Wilcox, Creative Director of DigitalFusion CGI adds, “The goal of these images is the suspension of disbelief. If someone looks at these and thinks they were all shot ‘in lens’ then we have done our job. We believe this project exemplifies that a powerful marriage between photography and CGI services can and does exist in a meaningful and exciting way.”

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Complex Cover Image as Shot

Complex Cover Image as Shot


Complex Cover Image as Published



Complex Inside Spread as Published