DF Studio is featured on the Capture Integration Blog for professional photography. We are honored to have made one of their venerable “Top Ten” blog posts. Check out the post intro below, and head over to CI’s website for more great information!

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From the CI Blog, by Ryan Galloway

With the dawn of digital photography arose a new adaptation of a time old issue for photographers. How to organize and store your images? With film there was at least a tangible object that you could touch and see pilling up on the filling cabinet or endless binders of negatives, to be alphabetized and categorized. With digital, it became even easier to let your images get the best of you, when it comes to organization. The binders turned into CDs and then hard drives… well we are all in luck! DigitalFusion, based in Los Angeles, has been on the forefront of digital capture technology for the last decade and created DF Studio. DF Studio provides a way to upload, store, organize and share your images all online, with multiple points of redundancy and subscription plans to fit any workflow. DF Studio is built by an experienced team of engineers with a track record of successful software developed at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

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