In the field of photography, the typical enterprise customer amasses an average of 2-6 TB of information per month, and in just a few months, data can accumulate to overwhelming and unmanageable proportions. One of the most important aspects of managing large volumes of data is the proper handling of metadata – how it is designed, written, extracted, processed, edited and searched. In this realm, there are some offline tools, such as Adobe Lightroom, that offer good metadata tools. However, professional users can quickly face limitations as their catalog grows and they must contend with asset organization on external drives or local servers. (Read our blog “Taking Charge of Your File Storage” about the challenges of self-managed offline storage.)

The volume of data created by digital photography makes the use case a perfect candidate for cloud storage. Enter DF Studio, which has developed simple yet powerful tools and architecture to handle large volumes of photography with robust metadata management tools.