For his cover shoot of the cast of Little Miss Sunshine for Entertainment Weekly, Art Streiber chose a color scheme that complemented one of the movies main characters, a bright yellow VW Micro Bus. Streiber’s tone-on-tone palette was echoed in his props as well; Abigail Breslin holds a yellow sunflower on the cover and Steve Carell holds a yellow balloon in the inside photo.

It was essential that Streiber had the ability to manage the color and contrast to get the yellow just right.

“Working with DFPro, I had the ability to see the images and get the color I wanted, immediately. After the shoot I came back to the lab and had a color timing session to precisely define my color palette, and then have all the files processed to match.

“Then, I sat with my retoucher at DF Post and we custom printed the photograph – adding shading, contrast to get the final image exactly the way I wanted it to look. We also spent time previewing how the final yellow would render in CMYK and print in the magazine, so I knew exactly what the final outcome would look like.

When deadlines are tight and color is critical, having this kind of front-to-back control is amazing!

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